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Medical compensation claims

Clinical negligence claims are often highly complex. If you have suffered as a result of negligence at a hospital or GP surgery, our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will investigate your medical negligence claim thoroughly and independently. We can act on a no win no fee basis.

When can you make a compensation claim for general medical problems?

We put our health in the hands of hospital clinicians and GPs and we expect them to take good care of us. It comes as a shock when things go wrong but, if they do, you may be able to claim compensation.

Making a claim can get you the compensation you deserve for the treatment you need. You are entitled to claim compensation for clinical negligence if:

  • you have been injured or your condition has been made worse as a result of medical negligence
  • the treatment provided by a healthcare professional fell below a generally accepted standard and caused physical or psychiatric injury.

Medical negligence can arise from:

  • inappropriate treatment (e.g. prescription errors)
  • delay or failure to diagnose or treat a condition (e.g. meningitis, abscess, peretonitis)
  • failure to obtain valid consent (e.g. for surgery)
  • complications as a result of being in hospital (e.g. hospital acquired infections, pressure sores)
  • complications arising from treatment (e.g. defective medical products, complications from laproscopic treatment)
  • Mismanagement of a range of long term conditions (for example diabetes)

Medical negligence claims can relate to anywhere you receive treatment (e.g. in the A&E or haematology departments of a hospital, a GP surgery, a dentist surgery or in a care home for the elderly).

How our clinical negligence solicitors can help with a compensation claim

  • The size of our clinical negligence team and the breadth of our knowledge in medical negligence compensation claims means it is likely that we have already succeeded in recovering compensation in similar circumstances to yours.
  • Our overriding aim is to protect your interests and achieve the most advantageous outcome for the long term. We make sure your medical negligence case is fully investigated and guide you carefully through each step of the claim process.
  • Giving personal service and acting with sensitivity are important to us.
  • We can help you find out why the system has failed you and what went wrong. Or prevent the same thing happening to somebody else.
  • Medical negligence compensation claims are complex and require high levels of expertise. We create a team of specialists including:
    • the best independent case managers and consultants in the country
    • barristers known for their expertise in the specific area
    • clinical negligence lawyers with experience in the specific type of claim.

Client stories

Check our client stories section for more examples.

Free initial consultation

Call us to arrange a free initial consultation at a location that suits you. We will give you clear advice on whether you have a valid clinical negligence compensation claim. If we believe you have a case, we can act for you on a no win no fee basis.

Call us or fill in our short enquiry form and we will assess your medical negligence compensation claim.





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  • Dominique has been very supportive - and patient - throughout the process. I have often found it difficult, and because of stress and other circumstances in my life I have often taken a long time to face up to the situation and complete things that need to be done.

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