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Brain injury (child & adult)

Our highly specialised team has in-depth experience in dealing with complex claims involving acquired brain injuries.

These injuries can have life changing effects and the possibility of bringing a personal injury claim for compensation should be explored. Not only will a claim result in compensation to help someone throughout their lives, it could also open the door to more rehabilitation than can be provided on the NHS to maximise recovery.

Our experience with claims for acquired brain injury

Our team has many years experience and specialist knowledge pursuing claims for adults and children who have suffered brain injuries.

We actively support both Headway (the national charity for adults with brain injury) and The Child Brain Injury Trust and are on their approved lawyer lists. Many of our lawyers are involved in KABIF (Kent Acquired Brain Injury Forum) which is a regional group of UKABIF. We are approved UKABIF lawyers.

We work in a supportive, considered & clear way, dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome to secure our clients’ long-term welfare.

We understand the complexities of acquired brain injuries

These injuries can cause permanent symptoms that will be unique to each individual. Quite often the symptoms will include problems with memory, concentration, speech and mobility. There may also be personality and behavioural changes.

If you or one of your loved ones has suffered a brain injury you are well aware of the long term impact their injuries can have. A range of specialist medics are needed to properly asses the injuries for the purposes of the claim. However, bringing a personal injury claim is not just about the compensation that can be recovered at the conclusion of the claim. Some money can be requested during the course of the claim to fund rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation for acquired brain injuries

The aim is not only to be able to ensure the right amount of compensation is paid, but also to arrange treatment and rehabilitation, wherever possible, to maximise recovery from the injuries sustained in an accident.

Rehabilitation may not be able to reverse the effects of a brain injury but it can be used to find coping strategies to help lessen the impact of any ongoing symptoms. For example, someone who has significant memory problems as a result of their ABI may benefit from a form of memory aid, such as a digital diary.

Wherever possible we will access funds through the claim to get the rehabilitation needed.

For further information please contact one of the team. Alternatively please click here to complete a short enquiry form so we can assess your claim.

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