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  • Overview

    Our lawyers will adopt a sensitive but commercial approach, looking for innovative solutions.

    What kind of disputes can arise?

    Disputes can arise at the outset, for example:

    • Was there a later Will?
    • Did the testator have mental capacity?
    • Did he / she understand the contents of the Will and its consequences?
    • Was the Will validly signed by the testator and witness? Were the signing formalities correctly observed?
    • Were the signing formalities correctly observed?
    • Was the Will made under pressure from (ie under the undue influence of) a beneficiary?
    • Is the particular executor or administrator suitable to deal with the estate?

    Disputes can also arise in the course of administering an estate, for example:

    • Are the terms of the Will ambiguous?
    • Has there been delay by the executors or administrators?
    • What if they fall out with each other?
    • What if they prefer the interests of one beneficiary over those of another?
    • What if they fail to sufficiently safeguard the assets for the beneficiaries or sell assets at an undervalue?
    • What if they fail to produce accounts?
    • What if you are an executor or administrator facing these allegations?

    What is the benefit of using a probate or a Will dispute resolution solicitor?

    A Will specialist solicitor will provide practical advice on safeguarding your position (for example by entering a caveat) and on then resolving the dispute outside of the Court process if possible. If necessary an application will be made to the Court.  Whatever action is taken, we will take particular care to minimise the risks you face on costs, and to see what can be done to recover costs from the estate or from your opponent.

    Free initial telephone consultation

    Call Nick Horton on 01892 701313, or email him to discuss your needs and options.

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    International probate

    We recently acted for the widower who currently resides in Florida, USA. His wife actually died in 1982, at a relatively young age. She had died in Virginia, USA and was considered to have been domiciled there. At the time of her death, she had inherited a reversionary interest in her father’s estate, which would pass to her or her estate upon the death of the life tenant of the will trust, her step mother. Both her father and step mother were domiciled in England and Wales.

  • Latest Updates

    Top 25 UK Law Firm

    We are pleased to receive, for another year, the accolade from eprivateclient of being listed as one of the Top 25 Law Firms in the UK.

    Top 25 Private Client Law Firm

    We are pleased to announce that we have again been awarded the accolade of eprivateclient’s Top 25 Private Client Law Firms for 2015.

    Writing a Will won't always protect your estate after death

    The recent court victory of budding young opera singer Miles Taylor provides a salient reminder that the notion that your will can leave whatever you want to whomever you want is, in some ways, a myth says Jessica Bermingham.

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Get in touch

I was satisfied with the efficiency and warmth of the service Kirsty provided.


Probate head Helen Stewart is 'a first-class professional.'

The Legal 500 2015

Kirstie Hancock listened to me and if it was not possible to do what I wanted explained why I could not do it and offered a solution. Pleasant, helpful and informative service.


Kirstie Hancock listened to me and if it was not possible to do what I wanted explained why I could not do it and offered a solution. Pleasant, helpful and informative service.


Thomson Snell & Passmore provides ‘an outstanding level of service’.

The Legal 500 2014

Clients note the firm’s ‘very reasonable costs’.

The Legal 500 2013

I cannot speak too highly of the care, attention and sympathy that I have received.


The whole process was made very simple.


Very sympathetic and understanding during a very difficult period of my life.


Initial contact was made at a time of great stress and I was glad to 'hand over' some of my concerns to TS&P. Their expertise and consideration has been a comfort in a time of continual stress. Thank you.”


Helpful, committed and responsive, who do a great job and treat their clients well.

Chambers UK

Clearly explained what was being done at every stage


Efficient, effective and friendly helpful.


Sarah responded quickly and offered me sensible solution, and covered all the loop holes.


Everyone has been extremely supportive throughout all the stages.


As well as being highly efficient, great sensitivity has been evident during very emotional times.


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