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Alan Care

Senior Litigation Executive

Specialisms and expertise

Alan has acquired his unique knowledge of 'toxic torts' over 25 years. Alan's specialisation includes 'toxic' poisoning claims and he is recognised within the Personal Injury world as a leader in this field. He was a director on the board of the Pesticides Trust (1995-1999) and Co-ordinator of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Environment Special Interest Group (2000-2008) and accredited as a Fellow in October 2006. Alan has been quoted in many newspapers, journals, TV media and documentaries and has written a substantial number of published articles. He has given presentations to, among others, the University of Surrey Applied Toxicology Course on Chemical Poisoning Litigation.

Alan has a particular specialism in asbestos cases and was influential in the Mesothelioma 'Fast Track' being introduced in the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division in 2002 that is subsequently being rolled out nationwide and which has succeeded in many hundreds of mesothelioma victims receiving compensation more quickly.



Alan is perhaps most well known for the 'Porton Down litigation' and campaign for veterans. This included the much reported Sarin nerve agent experiment and death of Ronald Maddison in 1953. The new 2004 Maddison inquest was then the longest inquest in UK legal history, demonstrating Alan's commitment and tenacity. The jury returned a verdict of 'unlawful killing'. The family's claim was subsequently settled for £100,000, an exceptional amount considering the date of death. Claims were also settled by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Secret Intelligence Services for secret LSD experiments also carried out at Porton Down in the 1950s. The Porton Down veterans Multi-Party Action was settled by the MoD following mediation for £3 million damages and an historic apology given to the veterans in the House of Commons in 2007. Further claims were settled in 2008/9. Alan was shortlisted for 'The Porton Down litigation' by the Proclaim/Eclipse Personal Injury awards 2008 as 'Case of the Year'. Alan has recovered £8.5 million in compensation for his clients since joining the firm.

Other notable cases include:

  • first successful UK pesticide claim settlements
  • UK soft tissue sarcoma PCP (dioxin contamination) claim
  • assisting US lawyers with benlate 'Children born without eyes' fungicide claims
  • dioxin 'coalite' farming losses/for land contamination
  • solvent injury claims - particularly CTE (chronic toxic encephalopathy)

What his clients say

  • 'Fought really hard and got a result which other solicitors couldn't do'
  • 'Personal…explaining everything in words and language I could understand and keeping me up to date'
  • 'Alan…is innovative in coming at cases from a lateral angle'
  • 'I have been profoundly grateful to Alan… for chemical victims to find somebody who is prepared to help and who knows how to. It has been quite extraordinary'
  • 'Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant from the time I walked in the door'
  • " never cease to amaze me firstly with the size of the compensation award you secured for me...[we] had the highest regard for all our dealings with you and we both felt the Gods were looking our way when we originally consulted you.”.

Other toxic substances/injuries/illnesses

Alan has recovered damages for many toxic poisoning claims and issues (particularly occupational and industrial diseases) including: Heavy metal poisoning including lead; cadmium and chromium [hexavalent chromium]. Platinum (salts) industrial process worker allergies and asthma. Hydroquinone poisoning of car plant production workers whose whites of eyes turned brown. SBS [Sick Building Syndrome] including "The Woolwich Children's Centre" litigation. Glutaraldehyde (nurses). Pesticides including atrazine [a private well water supply contamination Cumbria]. Various wood treatment chemicals for workers and consumers [other than PCP/lindane]. CPA arsenic timber process worker. Sulphuric acid (potato hulme dessication and "bystander" exposure RTA/vehicle leak, Manchester. Numerous chemical warfare agents in addition to the nerve agents  Sarin GB and VX [Porton Down]. Organic solvents including toluene and trichloroethylene. Several "trike" claims including a death at work and CTE injuries. Isocynates. Organophosphates. Occupational dermatitis. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Radiation. Various respiratory diseases. Food poisoning. Carbon monoxide. Leptospirosis. Legionnares disease - a hotel at Lake Garda. The De Montford University chemical store explosion [acrylamide]. Mercaptan exposures and injuries including theM1 (Watford Gap) vehicle spill litigation and several of 200+ claims. Also a factory escape in North Wales. "Gower Chemicals" [Freon 11 - trichlorofluoromethane] litigation (for police officers). Malaria - BBC cameraman's death after filming in Africa.


Alan studied Environmental science and then transferred to Thames Polytechnic obtaining an Upper Second Class Degree in Sociology. He started his career at the Royal Courts of Justice, Companies Court and joined Thomson Snell & Passmore in 2002.

Thomson Snell & Passmore's Personal Injury team is ranked in the top tier by leading independent guide to UK law firms, The Legal 500. The guide praises Alan's experience in occupational disease as being ‘second to none’.

In his spare time Alan enjoys travelling, listening to music and playing guitar. He is married with two grown up sons.