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This approach underpins the firm’s values and enables us to build strong relationships by treating everyone with integrity and respect.

The firm is a signatory to the Law Society's Diversity and Inclusion Charter. The Charter is a public commitment by providers of legal services to develop and implement best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion.

The firm collects workforce diversity data about the diversity make-up of the firm’s workforce annually. All staff are given the opportunity to self-classify against a range of diversity characteristics. A summary of the firm’s workforce diversity data is summarised below.

Age distribution of employees across the whole firm

Age range                % of staff

18-24                         7%

25-34                         30%

35-44                         20%

45-54                         27%

55+                             16%


Gender breakdown as a percentage

Role Category               Male               Female

Partner                           59%                  41%

Associate                       25%                  75%

Other fee earner           20%                 80%

Legal secretary             0%                  100% 

Business services        41%                  59%


Staff ethnic breakdown as a percentage with the roles reduced to four main categories and the ethnicity categories reported at the highest level

Role Category          Black, Asian & minority ethic       White             Prefer not to say

Partner                                        7%                                    93%                         0%       

Fee Earner                                  5%                                    93%                         2%

Legal Secretary                         4%                                    96%                         0%

Business services                     0%                                    100%                        0%

The firm also gathers, but does not publish, information in relation to disability, religion, sexual orientation, social mobility and caring responsibilities.

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