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  • Overview

    An employee of our client unsuccessfully applied for a vacancy, which would have been a promotion for him.  In response he, a long standing employee, raised a number of complaints alleging that over a number of years he and other employees had been denied a promotion and workplace opportunities because of religion.

    The claim was made through our client’s grievance procedure, then their grievance procedure appeals process; then, following this, an employment tribunal claim. We helped our client thoroughly investigate the claim and demonstrate that this investigation showed the claim to have no substance.  We also aided in the conducting of a demonstrably impartial grievance appeal.

    The strength of our evidence of a proper investigation into the allegations and their lack of substance resulted in the claimant employee withdrawing his claim before any employment tribunal hearing took place.

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    Discipline & grievance

    We have considerable experience of producing carefully drafted disciplinary and grievance policies, putting in place a clear process for dealing with issues. When problems arise, we frequently provide our clients with support throughout the disciplinary and grievance process, in order to ensure that their interests are protected.


    We act for businesses of all shapes and sizes and in many different sectors. Our advice covers all aspects of the employment relationship, helping to settle disputes, defending employment tribunal claims and providing immigration compliance audits.

    Managing claims & employment disputes

    Our employment lawyers at Thomson Snell & Passmore have significant experience and an excellent success rate in dealing with employment tribunal claims. We act for both employer and employee clients and provide commercially driven, strategic and practical advice.

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