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  • Overview

    Our client owned commercial units which, during the economic downturn, had remained unlet for a significant period of time. Therefore, our client looked at new ways in which the commercial properties might be used to generate income and offering warehouse space for self-storage to other businesses was an attractive solution.

    We prepared standard terms and conditions of storage which were suitable for business-to-business contracts.

    The preparation of the standard terms required us to work closely with our client so that we could understand our client’s sales process mechanics, payment terms and insurance cover.

    The benefit to our client of using standard terms was that it avoided the time and expense of drawing up specific terms of storage for each individual customer. The standard terms also enabled our client to introduce terms favourable to itself in a format that did not encourage heavy negotiation.

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    Commercial contracts

    We can deal with all the stages of a commercial contract – from initial structuring and head of terms to preparing, negotiating and completing the contract documentation. We can also advise you on contractual disputes that may arise during a project and provide assistance with terminating a business relationship.

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