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    Oliver Chapman, specialist industrial disease lawyer based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells and Dartford (Thames Gateway) offices, has secured £150,000 for a widow whose husband died as a result of mesothelioma.

    We were initially instructed by a claimant who had developed mesothelioma as a result of his occupational exposure to asbestos. He was only 64.

    Some years previously he had been employed by the Hollis Group of companies and installed floor tiles which contained asbestos. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma about thirty years later but, unfortunately, his condition deteriorated very rapidly and he died shortly after his diagnosis.

    The claim was continued by his widow who was profoundly affected by her husband’s death after a number of other close relatives had recently died.

    She developed anxiety and depression and became agoraphobic and needed a great deal of support through the litigation process.

    The case was made difficult as the claimant’s employer had long since gone into administration. Identifying the claimant’s employer was difficult as he had been employed by a number of companies within the Hollis Group, each with a different employers’ liability insurer. Lengthy efforts were required to identify insurance companies to provide cover. Fortunately, eventually three insurers were identified to meet the claim for the full period of employment.

    Liability was not admitted but prior to the need to issue court proceedings the case settled for £150,000 plus costs.

    Oliver Chapman specialises in industrial disease cases. If you would like to ask Oliver a question about a potential case, or have a general query about any personal injury, please contact him on 01892 701234 in confidence.

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