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    Jonathan Herbert, specialist personal injury lawyer based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells and Dartford (Thames Gateway) Offices, has secured £80,000 for a Claimant who suffered severe neurological and orthopaedic injuries after being thrown from his motorbike in a road traffic accident.

    The Claimant in this case was a 49 year old man who was driving his motorbike in London. As the Claimant drove down the road the defendant, who was driving a car, without warning, pulled in front of him, in order to execute either a U-turn or a right turn into Hyde Park.

    The Claimant was unable to avoid colliding with the Defendant's car, and in the ensuing collision, he was thrown over the Defendant's car, landing on his head.

    As a result the Claimant sustained a head injury with prolonged neurological consequences, including impaired concentration and memory, very significant damage to his hearing and an open tibia fracture, which required surgery, and caused him on-going problems. He also sustained a long-term right shoulder injury, soft-tissue injuries and bruising to his lungs. Following the accident the Claimant went on to suffer from depression.

    The Claimant was not able to return to work for some time after the accident; he worked as a self-employed design manager in the corporate hospitality sector. This was due to him being wheelchair bound for some time, before gradually moving to crutches.

    Jonathan Herbert, specialist personal injury lawyer, obtained reports from orthopaedic, psychology, neurology and audiovestibular (hearing) experts in order to assess the extent of the Claimant’s injuries. Thereafter he was able to obtain a settlement of £80,000 for the Claimant, to compensate him for his injuries and loss of earnings, but also to enable him to obtain treatment in the future if needed.

    Jonathan Herbert specialises in road traffic accident cases. If you would like to ask Jonathan a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any personal injury, contact him on 01892 701226 in confidence.

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