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  • Overview

    Jonathan Herbert, specialist personal injury lawyer based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells and Dartford (Thames Gateway) offices, has secured compensation for a college employee who suffered an exacerbation of her back problems after she slipped on black ice.

    The claimant in this personal injury claim was a 46 year old woman who was employed by K College (previously West Kent College) in Tonbridge. She had a previous history of an L5/S1 disc bulge with impingement on the nerve root.

    The accident took place during a spell of heavy snow. It had begun to snow on the Friday and proceeded to snow over the weekend. On the following Wednesday the claimant was permitted to leave work early due to the bad weather. She was walking along a pathway leading to the college car park with a college. The pathway had been cleared of snow but had not been gritted or salted.

    Suddenly her left leg shot out to the side as she slipped on a patch of black ice. The claimant nearly did the splits as a result. Her colleague grabbed hold of her and managed to stop her from falling to the ground.

    The claimant was shaken by the accident and over the next few days developed pain in her left hip. The pain continued to worsen and she sought medical treatment over the Christmas period from her GP, a chiropractor, acupuncturist and physiotherapist. Her symptoms did not improve in the left hip and lower back with pain being referred down her left leg. She underwent epidural steroid injections and had pain down her leg until symptoms resolved after 18 months.

    Jonathan Herbert negotiated a fair settlement to compensate the claimant for the symptoms caused by the slip.

    Jonathan specialises in slip and trip cases. If you would like to ask Jonathan a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any personal injury, contact Jonathan on 01892 701226 in confidence.

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