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    Oliver Chapman, specialist personal injury lawyer based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells office, has secured £26,000 for a mother and £5,000 for her daughter who were injured in a road traffic accident.

    We acted for a pedestrian who was injured when a car lost control and veered onto the pavement and struck her. She lost consciousness and her three year old daughter, who witnessed the accident but was fortunately not physically injured, believed her mother had died.

    We brought separate claims on behalf of both the mother and her daughter.

    In respect of the daughter’s injuries, we obtained a report from a clinical psychiatrist who specialised in children who reported that our client had suffered an acute period of post traumatic stress disorder. During this period, she became very attached to her mother, suffered nightmares and played games which re-enacted the incident. Expert evidence suggested that the condition had resolved spontaneously after around three months and her prognosis for the future was very good.

    The court approved the negotiated settlement of £5,000.

    Meanwhile, the mother had suffered several fairly minor orthopaedic injuries and the report from an orthopaedic surgeon confirmed the most significant was a soft tissue injury to the left knee which was causing some ongoing discomfort.

    However, we were concerned that, whilst always playing down the psychological impact of the accident, our client found talking about the accident very difficult. We therefore obtained a report from a consultant psychiatrist who confirmed that two and a half years after the accident, she was still suffering post traumatic stress disorder. This significantly increased the value of the case.

    We made an offer of settlement which included a claim for the recommended psychiatric treatment required to treat her condition. The case settled for £26,000 without the need to involve the court.

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