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    Revolving door installer obtains compensation from employer for back injuries and the subsequent development of chronic pain syndrome.

    The claimant was a supervisor of a team of revolving door installers. He suffered a minor back injury undertaking heavy manual labouring on an installation in which his former employer had not provided sufficient numbers of workers contrary to their own method statement.  Fortunately, the claimant was able to continue in his role but he repeatedly protested about recurring episodes of failures to provide sufficient labour. Approximately one year after his earlier accident, the claimant suffered another accident in circumstances where there had been a further failure by the former employer to supply sufficient labour. Thereafter, the claimant experienced significant back pain and was unable to return to work.

    The claimant’s former employer admitted liability for the second accident, but denied that the second accident was responsible for the symptoms being complained of by him. The matter was proceeding to trial on the basis of two separate accidents at work resulting in soft tissue injury and chronic pain syndrome. he matter settled shortly before trial for a six figure sum plus legal costs.

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