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  • Overview

    We are acting on disputes re two building contracts the client entered into for a single project to turn offices into student accommodation which the developer is to lease to a local university.

    The client’s larger contract for the interior fit out was terminated for alleged failure to achieve certain sound insulation levels; the client has alleged the termination wrongful and repudiatory. There are complex technical issues regarding the sound insulation measurement and causes for the levels achieved and whether or not the client has failed to meet the specification; also whether the architect’s drawings have been altered after the event and the effect of this to try to evidence the alleged failure.

    The client has a claim for unpaid monies and loss of profit. On the secondary contract for exterior works we have taken the client through a successful adjudication with full recovery for monies owed, dealing with issues re late/invalid pay less notices and subsequent attempts by the employer (successfully rebuffed) to recover same using negative certificates.

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