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  • Overview

    Our Dispute Resolution Team was instructed to defend a £1m claim for alleged breach of a packing supply contract.

    A packing manufacturer initiated a claim against our client based on an alleged contract it had entered into following an exchange of correspondence about the supply of a specific number of packaging containers.

    We were instructed to review and consider the correspondence which the manufacturer alleged had resulted in a contract, in order to provide advice to our client on the legal issues and how best to respond to the threatened claim.

    Our Dispute Resolution lawyers compiled all of the relevant documents and correspondence passing between the two companies over a period of some five years, and met with the relevant employees in order to take detailed proofs of evidence.

    Based on the evidence gathered and our analysis of the case, we drafted a forceful letter of response to the threatened claim, for our client to send to the manufacturer. Following an exchange of further correspondence also drafted by us, the threatened claim was ultimately withdrawn.

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