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    This case study demonstrates the expertise of our Personal Injury team who recently secured a settlement for a driver who suffered a fracture to his spine, after colliding with a car on an A-Road.

    D (the Claimant) was a 71 year old man who suffered with Parkinson’s disease.  Prior to the accident he had been active and worked as a self-employed designer.

    The accident occurred whilst D was driving on an A-Road near Shrewsbury.  The defendant pulled out across the path of our client, when joining the A-Road from a side junction, making it impossible for D to avoid a collision.  D crashed into the offside of the defendant’s car.

    The defendant admitted liability, and was convicted of driving without due care and attention.  
    D sustained a wedge fracture to his lower spine and was airlifted from the scene by air ambulance.  Doctors treated D’s spine conservatively, meaning that he did not require surgery.  For the first three weeks D was in severe pain and required considerable care and assistance.  D continued to have significant back pain which affected his ability to work and daily activities.

    D’s previous Parkinson’s disease also worsened, with increasing hand tremors, following the accident. 
    The client was seen by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to assess the extent of his injuries and his on-going medical needs.  Rehabilitation treatment was obtained for the client before his claim was settled out of court.  
    This is an example of a case where the experience of our Personal Injury team led to an early admission of liability from the insurers without the need to involve the court which in turn led to a swift settlement.

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