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Independent administration

After the death of their parents, four siblings found themselves unable to agree on how to progress their parents’ estate.  The siblings were all equally entitled to deal with the estate but could not see eye to eye, so nothing was getting done.  The longer this went on, the greater the estate’s financial detriment; liabilities were not being met, rent was going uncollected and penalties and interest were growing against unpaid taxes.

Following several years of stalled progress and arguing through their own solicitors, the siblings agreed to appoint Thomson Snell & Passmore as an Independent Administrator.  This relieved them of all pressure and responsibility, and their parent’s estate was collected in and distributed in accordance with their wishes.

Upon being instructed, estate information was gathered from each sibling.  Quickly all of the estate’s assets, sources of income and liabilities were identified.  Arrangements put in place for all previously uncollected and future income to be paid and we started working with the estate’s creditors to minimise any further loss to the estate. Within 12 months of being instructed the estate was distributed to the siblings in accordance with their parents’ wishes, allowing them to move on with their lives.

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