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  • Overview

    Thomson Snell and Passmore acts for one of the largest casino operators in the world and in the United Kingdom in helping them to recover gaming debts from customers who are based in various parts of the globe.

    Complex jurisdiction and public policy issues often arise and gaming is, in any event, heavily regulated both in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

    Working with our network of overseas law firms we have assisted our client in recovering many millions of pounds from customers in places as far afield, both geographically and in terms of legal process, as South America, Africa, USA, various parts of the middle east and Asia.

    In a recent case we worked with a  firm in Hong Kong to issue and serve proceedings against a customer who owed our client in excess of £500,000. Once proceedings had been served we were able, with the benefit of a local firm having the relevant legal expertise as well as an awareness of local customs, to negotiate a settlement on excellent terms for our client and in a manner which meant that the relationship between them and their client was preserved.

    In another case we assisted the client’s Malaysian operation to issue proceedings and enter judgment in the United Kingdom against an Indian national and then to work with an Indian law firm for enforcement purposes.

    Being a member of an international alliance of independent law firms has enabled us to provide our clients with not only technical legal expertise in virtually every corner of the world but also an awareness of local customs and culture which can often be as, if not more, important when attempting to resolve a dispute.

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