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    Our client, Mr P, sustained a meniscal tear to his knee after he tripped over a scaffolding board which had been left obstructing a walkway for staff on a building site where he was working. 

    Mr P worked as a welder and pipe fitter for Briggs and Forrester Ltd (the defendant) and at the time of his accident was subcontracting for them, working for Balfour Beatty plc.

    He was walking onto the building site via a safe walkway which was a metre wide and designed for use by the building site staff.  The walkway was littered with various materials which had left the walkway very narrow. 

    As he walked, Mr P tripped over a scaffold board that had been left in the walkway.  He stumbled badly and in order to keep his balance twisted his left knee badly.  The knee swelled to twice its normal size.  He was sent to University College London Hospital who diagnosed a soft tissue injury and suggested he seek help at his local hospital.

    Five days later when the pain and swelling were no better Mr P attended Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford who confirmed that he had a medial cruciate ligament strain and a possible meniscal tear.  An MRI was arranged which he underwent a month later, and confirmed that there was tear of the medial meniscus. 

    Mr P was placed on the waiting list for an arthroscopy surgery which he underwent three weeks later.  In the meantime the knee continued to click and occasionally lock and Mr P walked with a limp and had weakness in the leg and limited range of movement.

    Mr P underwent a chondroplasty (removal of damaged tissue to allow healthy cartilage to grow) and his medial meniscus was resected.  Following his surgery Mr P struggled with his recovery and was referred for physiotherapy.  He continued to limp and had on-going weakness in his left leg.  Following physio he was left with a continuous dull ache in the knee joint.  Mr P was only able to return to work five months after his accident.

    Lorna Buckwell, specialist personal injury lawyer acting for the claimant obtained reports from an orthopaedic surgeon expert and then successfully  negotiated an out-of-court settlement of £31,500 to compensate Mr P for his pain and suffering.

    Lorna specialises in accident-at-work cases.  If you would like to ask Lorna a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any personal injury, contact her at Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP solicitors on 01892 701148 in confidence.

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