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  • Overview

    Graham Bell and Jonathan Herbert, specialist clinical negligence lawyers based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells & Dartford (Thames Gateway) offices, have secured £185,000 for a claimant who developed Cushings Syndrome after a clinic prescribed medication which reacted with his asthma drug.

    The claimant in this medical negligence claim for compensation was an HIV positive 34 year old male who was referred for HIV management to the defendant’s clinic by his GP. Shortly afterward the claimant was also seen in the GP’s asthma clinic and was prescribed with a steroid (Beclomethasone).

    He attended the HIV clinic for the first time the following month and the claimant’s history of asthma was noted in their records.

    Four months later, the claimant agreed to partake in trials of anti-retroviral medications for his HIV management. This included injections of a drug called Ritonavir. The HIV clinic failed to check what other medications the claimant was prescribed, or to forewarn him of any contra-indicated medications that he should not take, whilst he was on the Ritonavir trial.

    Seven months later, the claimant attended his GP with an exacerbation of his asthma and so was prescribed Fluticasone.

    The Fluticasone and Ritonavir medications reacted (a reaction which ought to have been foreseen by the defendant) and caused the claimant to become seriously ill with epigastric (abdominal) pains, chest pains, sinusitis, neck pain, constipation, weight gain, hypokalaemia, severe visual problems, vomiting, pus-filled rashes, headaches, palsy, pins and needles, insomnia, lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction and psychosis.

    The claimant attended the defendant’s HIV clinic over the next 6 months but they failed to detect or enquire as to any potential relevant illness or complication. He was then admitted to hospital as an emergency when his condition deteriorated. He was diagnosed with iatrogenic Cushings Syndrome which he had developed as a result of the medication reactions.

    After he was discharged the claimant was rushed back to hospital within days and diagnosed with a serious deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) in his left calf as a result of his previous hospitalisation. As a result of the defendant’s failure to prescribe DVT prophylaxis medication the claimant had sustained further venous injury and was left with a high risk of recurrent DVTs and PEs, as well as permanent significant pain and mobility restrictions.

    Graham and Jonathan successfully argued that the defendant had been negligent by failing to take steps to ensure the Claimant did not take any contra-indicated medication whilst he was on the anti-retroviral regime. He was able to obtain a settlement of £185,000 for the claimant, to compensate him for his pain, suffering and loss of earnings, as well as enabling him to have future treatment of his Cushings Syndrome.

    Graham Bell and Jonathan Herbert both specialise in medical negligence claims involving negligent mis-prescription cases. If you would like to ask Graham or Jonathan a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any clinical negligence, contact Graham or Jonathan on 01892 701358 or 01892 701226 in confidence.

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