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    James Cahan, specialist personal injury lawyer based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells Office, has secured over £100,000 for a consumer who suffered with a broken shoulder after she fell over in a Waterstones book store.

    The claimant was an 80 year old lady who fell over whilst shopping in a Waterstones book store. The fall caused the claimant to suffer with a badly broken right shoulder which required a total shoulder replacement. Unfortunately the shoulder replacement became unstable shortly after the procedure and she had to undergo a second procedure to have her shoulder stabilised.

    The result was that the claimant continued to suffer with on-going difficulties with her right arm. She was unable to lift her arm above her head and was in constant pain. She struggled to undertake daily tasks such as washing and dressing.

    The claimant lives in a very old cottage, in which the bathroom facilities were totally unsuitable for her needs. During the course of the case the solicitor involved on the claimant’s case, James Cahan, was able to negotiate for the defendants to pay for the claimant to have a new bathroom installed, including a specially adapted shower to enable her to wash without assistance.

    Because of her on-going restrictions, the claimant struggled to walk her three dogs. We were able to secure a sum of money from the defendants, to enable the claimant to pay someone to walk her dogs in the future.

    A total sum in excess of £100,000 was recovered for the claimant, to take account of her pain and suffering, as well as her future care needs.

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