Securing an enhanced settlement package for an employee

Our client was first informed that there were performance issues at the same time the settlement agreement was presented to them. However, our client had been very diligent and was able to provide us with evidence such as the yearly appraisals that suggested that there was, in fact, no performance issue.

We utilised our client’s documentation in our negotiations with the employer to heavily improve the terms on which he agreed to leave.

The Employment team were successful in negotiating:- a delay of our client’s termination date allowing the client time to find alternative employment. During that time, our client would be placed on garden leave with their salary and benefits paid in the usual way; a lump sum payment of 3 months payment in lieu of notice despite the delay of their termination date; their compensation payment increased by circa 3 months; and their legal fee contribution increased from circa £500 to £900 plus VAT.

On this occasion, we were able to deliver peace of mind to our client through an improved settlement agreement.

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