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    The company secretarial team at Thomson Snell & Passmore can hold your statutory registers at our office in Tunbridge Wells and notify Companies House of their location.

    We can also advise you in relation to any request received by the company which relates to inspection of the statutory registers.

    Every company incorporated in England and Wales is required, by law, to keep and maintain statutory registers. The registers must contain details relating to the shareholders (if the company is limited by shares) together with details of the directors of the company and the company secretary, if one is appointed. The list of shareholders as set out in a company’s statutory registers is (in the absence of evidence to the contrary) prima facie evidence of the shareholders of the company. Incomplete registers may affect a shareholder’s legal title to shares.

    Our client sought to incorporate a holding company in a foreign jurisdiction. In order to do so, inspection of its statutory registers was required to provide legally sufficient evidence of the company’s shareholders. Some years ago our client had lodged its statutory registers with a corporate company secretarial services provider.  Subsequently, the company secretary had changed its name and location a number of times. Unfortunately, the corporate company secretary had then gone into liquidation, a fact which our client was not informed of until it contacted the company secretary to obtain its statutory registers.

    Considerable time and effort then had to be invested in order to try and locate the statutory registers. Eventually the statutory registers were located and we were able to inspect them. However, in the years during which the corporate company secretary held our client’s statutory registers, they had not been updated to reflect the changes to the shareholders and directors.

    The company secretarial team was instructed to update the statutory registers and to hold the statutory registers at our Tunbridge Wells office. Going forward, the company secretarial team will be able to assist our client with any request it receives which relates to inspection of its statutory registers as well as ensuring that the statutory registers are updated promptly when filings are made at Companies House.

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