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    Thomson Snell & Passmore has secured compensation for a worker who developed mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos working on locomotives.

    We acted for a claimant who, during the course of his employment in a factory, was regularly exposed to large quantities of asbestos dust, which he inhaled. The claimant’s role involved working with steam locomotives.

    These train locomotives were brought into stripping sheds where laggers stripped out asbestos from them. The claimant worked closely alongside men who were cutting up asbestos sheets which were used to line the back plates and boilers of the steam locomotives. He had to climb up and over the steam locomotive boilers and fix asbestos lagging onto the locomotive boilers by strapping it into place. He also handled and positioned asbestos-lined back plates.

    This work was undertaken in the driver’s cabs which were confined areas. As the back plates were manhandled, asbestos dust was released into the atmosphere. Our client also broke into sealed pipe joints which had asbestos on them. Asbestos dust generated during these various processes, settled in the Claimant's hair and on his work clothes which he shook out after each day's work. As a result of this exposure, the claimant unfortunately developed mesothelioma cancer.

    Thomson Snell & Passmore was able to obtain a substantial settlement for our client as a result of the pain, suffering and loss he sustained.

    If you would like to ask our team a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any personal injury, contact Jonathan Herbert at Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP solicitors on 01892 701226 in confidence.

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