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Sue Lister took the time to explain to our clients all of the issues raised by the sale of their family farm. This personal approach ensured the sale went through as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our clients were delighted.

Sue Lister advised a couple selling the farm on which they had brought up their children and lived for over 40 years. The land included a cottage occupied by farm staff, for whom our clients were buying a new home. Our clients were also buying a new home for themselves. Conveyancing law places far more detailed requirements on sellers than it did when our clients bought the farm. Sue took the time to visit our clients on a number of occasions in order to explain all of the documentation required and to deal with their concerns. Sue also advised on all of the issues with the land which might delay the sale. This included land held in different names, a section of unregistered stream, sewage outflows, an agricultural occupancy condition and historic planning issues.

Throughout the process Sue worked with the selling agent and the buyer’s solicitors to co-ordinate the sale and purchase with the termination of the staff tenancy. This ensured that the sale went through as quickly as possible. Our clients were so pleased they have asked us to help with their estate planning.

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