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  • Overview

    We took on an ultra high net worth husband and wife from a leading London firm. They have a complex estate and we have been called on to establish family trusts, prepare tax efficient Wills, and to advise on gifts, loans, landlord and tenant issues, non-UK assets, the preparation of foreign Wills and issues surrounding their landed estate (including employment issues and agricultural property relief). We reviewed the estate and took the time to understand the clients’ wants and needs. A The firm as a whole has been able to provide certainty and peace of mind across the entire estate, using tax efficient means.

  • Related Services

    Wills, Trusts & Tax Planning

    Our specialist lawyers provide high quality, intelligent advice that is comprehensive, considered and clear.

    Wills, gifts and other applications

    Our Court of Protection team is one of the most experienced in the country in advising Deputies and Attorneys on formal applications for gifts, wills and property transactions.

    Wills & succession

    A Will is an essential part of your personal financial planning.  

    Trust creation

    Creating a trust can have significant tax and other advantages. We advise on the Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax implications of setting up a trust, and assist trustees with trust management.  

    Trust management

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