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    Our client, Miss G, suffered profound, life changing brain injuries after another driver’s trailer became detached from his car, colliding with her vehicle, leaving her in a minimally conscious state. Our personal injury lawyers have obtained a multimillion pound award to compensate her for her injuries and to pay for her on-going care.

    This accident claim involves our client, Miss G, who was 44 years old and had been working for Sussex Police at the time of her accident.  She was driving in Hellingley, East Sussex, when the defendant approached, driving in the opposite direction, pulling a trailer.  As he approached Miss G, his trailer detached from the vehicle and collided with Miss G’s car.  

    Miss G suffered catastrophic injuries including severe brain damage, with bleeding and swelling of the brain.  After a variety of tests and scans she was confirmed to be in a minimally conscious state, meaning she has very little, if any, awareness of what is happening around her.  She is unable to care for herself and was moved to a specialist brain injury unit for 24/7 care, which she will require for the rest of her life.

    The defendant pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at crown court.  Jonathan Clement, specialist brain injury lawyer, acting for the claimant, on a no win no fee basis, argued that the defendant had been negligent by failing to insert the safety pin in the connection between his vehicle and his trailer, which in turn prevented a secondary spring loaded locking device from working.  He had also failed to attach a third safety mechanism (a breaking cable).  Jonathan was able to successfully argue that, by these actions the defendant had failed to manage and control his trailer properly.

    The brain injury team settled the case for a multi-million pound out-of-court settlement.  This settlement will compensate Miss G for the pain and suffering caused by her injuries and will ensure Miss G has the best care available.  Miss G has been able to stay in her specialist brain injury unit, which is noted for the devoted skill and attention of its staff members, and receives care tailored to her individual needs.  Miss G has also had a deputy appointed, based at Thomson Snell & Passmore, who arranges any equipment and therapy Miss G may need,  and manages Miss G’s finances. 

    Jonathan Clement and Dominique Parker specialise in brain injury cases. If you would like to ask Jonathan or Dominique a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any personal injury claims, please contact them on 01892 701264 or 01892 701136 in confidence.

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