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Dealing with challenges in construction projects

This seminar will consider the potential consequences of a number of scenarios at the various stages of a development between site acquisition / pre commencement to completion, based around a case study of a seemingly straightforward mixed use development. We will firstly consider common issues arising during the negotiation of building contracts, appointments, security documents and agreement for lease, and their importance. We will then explore the implications of these issues in practice where, for example, a new developer purchases the site mid development, or a funder has to exercise its step in rights, considering the practical and legal implications for the developer, contractor, professional consultants and funder in each case.

The seminar will be presented by Chris Whittington (who will explain the significance of common and more unusual provisions he typically sees / negotiates in construction documents), Sarah Easton (who will deal with the interrelationship of these matters to the progression of the property aspects of the transaction) and Chris Kirby-Turner (who will explore the potential issues turning of these points, drawing on examples from his construction dispute resolution practice).


11.00am   Registration
11.30am   Seminar begins
1.00pm     Networking lunch
2.00pm     Finish

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