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  • Overview

    Intelligent advice for suppliers and customers on supply agreements and terms and conditions.

    We have extensive experience dealing with business-to-business arrangements and consumer contracts.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you in preparing, negotiating or advising on long term supply arrangements, terms and conditions of business or one-off supplies.

    Supply agreement and T&C expertise

    All companies need robust supply agreements or terms and conditions in place for supplying goods and services. We draft and review terms and conditions and supply agreements for companies of all sizes and across many different sectors. We regularly advise on both domestic and international supply agreements. Where local legal advice is required, we can draw upon our international network of independent partner firms.

    Key elements of the work we undertake on supply arrangements include:

    • Effective incorporation of T&Cs
    • Service level agreements (SLAs) and other performance issues, quality and acceptance testing
    • Warranty and indemnity protection
    • Limits on liability
    • Title retention issues
    • Pricing structure and securing payment
    • Intellectual property and confidentiality
    • Advising on employment implications, especially TUPE
    • Dealing with variations to and the termination of supply arrangements
    • Advising on the application and effect of consumer legislation.

    Our approach

    Vital to our work on supply agreements and T&Cs is an understanding of the industry, the commercial conditions under which you operate and your strategic objectives. We make sure the contract documentation reflects your objectives, minimises the risks, and enables you to operate cost-effectively and remain compliant.

    Our solutions provide you with a robust and commercially appropriate framework that considers the legal, regulatory and practical issues involved with the supply of goods or services. Supply agreements and T&Cs are structured and drafted in a way that makes it practical for you to operate effectively.

  • Related Client Stories

    Defence of a £1million packing supply claim

    Our Dispute Resolution Team was instructed to defend a £1m claim for alleged breach of a packing supply contract.

    Supply of a defective product causing catastrophic failure

    We acted for a company that designs, manufactures and supplies electrical equipment and components around the world, in connection with the alleged supply of a defective product to an oil rig.

    Advising on website terms and conditions of supply

    Our client sells plant-based products online to both consumers and other businesses.

    Getting the most out of a patent

    Our client had been approached by the owner of a patent which related to golf equipment and, following their initial discussions, our client identified an opportunity for it to exploit the patent commercially by manufacturing and distributing a new golf-related product.

    Advising a client on manufacturing agreements protecting our client’s rights and interests

    Our client had developed the recipe for a new type of sauce or condiment. Our client’s sister company had already successful exploited the sauce in the US and was looking to manufacture and supply the sauce in the UK.

    Advising a Hong Kong based client appointing a international sales distributor

    We acted for a Hong Kong based company in connection with its appointment as a distributor of sales vouchers delivered by hand-held devices, PC’s and media pods.

  • Latest Updates

    Dispute with a manufacturer

    MexxaMixx is a Kent-based business which manufactures and sells a range of Mexican style cooking sauces.

    Getting the products into a major supermarket

    MexxaMixx is a Kent-based business which manufactures and sells a range of Mexican style cooking sauces. Its operations recently expanded and it was ready to sell its products in a leading supermarket’s stores across the UK. Thomas, one of the directors, approached us, for advice on the supply contract which had been prepared by the supermarket.

Get in touch

Just a short note to thank you for your outstanding support. I have seldom been through such a frustrating experience, but this was greatly eased by the thoroughly professional way in which you supported us. I cannot imagine there will be any more acquisitions coming my way, but if there is, you may be sure that I will seek your support again.


Having the experienced and professional team from Thomson Snell & Passmore on board during the sale definitely added value to the transaction. Their tireless pressure and determination on legal points did not go unnoticed and I will always be grateful for the impact their hard work delivered to achieve the final result.


I’ve been so impressed with you all and it’s been a real pleasure working with you and I hope this is the start of a long relationship. I’ve really appreciated the extra time and out of hours effort you have put in to help us get to the finish line. So thank you so much.


I really appreciate the effort you and your team have put in and also for the goodwill of keeping the costs down. I certainly hope this to be the start of a long term relationship. I’ve been extremely impressed by you and thank you so much for turning it around quickly. It goes without saying I’d be happy to recommend you.


We have had very good service across a number of disciplines and look forward to doing more in the future.


I realise they have not been the easiest outfit to work with but I just wanted to say thank you - to you and your team - for the extraordinary commitment you have all put in to get us to the line. I was expecting you to hit your limit of tolerance these last few days, if that happened you hid it well and due to your effort, flexibility and forward thinking we finally got there… despite their best efforts at times!


Many thanks indeed for all you have done and particularly the way you have done it.  Straight to the point and very pragmatic – exactly how I was told you work and the way I like to do things too. The recommendation was spot on.


There was much to this conversion that was not encountered before by TS&P, and much which we discovered, which belied the siren voices of how easy it would be. We are now there, on our way, and picking up momentum. So I offer our thanks to TSP.


An excellent all round service from everyone involved.

Managing Director of Greenstar Hotels PLC

We have worked closely with TS&P for a number of years and have concluded several commercial transactions during that time. The service has always been professional, responsive and reliable.


I would like to say a big thank you for all your efforts on our behalf over the past year. You have been extremely proactive, which was one of our principal requirements, and have taken the time to understand our business; it has been appreciated.


Very personable partners, vast experience in most areas of lawyer business.

Corporate Intermediary

At TS&P I have a contact and we were in deep discussion for hours. There was obviously a personal relationship that built up.


Their commerciality is important - they know where we want to get to.


I use TS&P as I have a very longstanding relationship. James Partridge has detailed knowledge of the affairs of my organisation and this, coupled with his sharp legal skills, means that I don't look elsewhere


I expect and receive first class advice and service. This is helped by James's knowledge of my organisation and a good chemistry between us. I like to understand the reasons for the advice and James is focussed and succinct when discussing matters over the phone


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