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  • Overview

    If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in a legal dispute then the first thing you need is support and understanding for your position. We can give that - but then follow it up immediately with expert advice based on deep experience. Our advice is delivered in clear, uncluttered language. We're here to battle for you – not baffle you – and we do not spin cases out just to prove legal points. Our expertise is recognised in the latest editions of The Legal 500 and Chambers UK.

    Our approach is to look at the dispute and your needs in the round.  As well as dealing with the legal questions we shall be concerned with the context of your personal circumstances.  And that probably means you want a sensible, pragmatic and robust result in the right legal forum within a reasonable time frame. We will always consider the possibility of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

    You also want our services to be affordable which is why, when it's right to do so, we will offer a conditional fee arrangement backed by insurance and specialist funding. This eliminates virtually all the risk at your end. We will be available to you for meetings and telephone calls at whatever time suits you best. We believe funding disputes should not be an issue. After all, you probably want to get on with your life, not be lost in resolving your dispute.

    Our range of specialist expertise is broad covering:   

    We also have expertise in disputes relating to financial services and products and we represent individuals involved in:

    For further information call our dispute resolution solicitors please contact us today, alternatively for other information please see our full list of services for individuals in Kent.



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  • Latest Updates

    Debts owed by an individual - pay attention to the new Pre-Action Protocol

    From 1 October 2017, a new Pre-Action Protocol will apply to creditors pursuing debts owed by an individual. The Protocol sets out a number of steps that creditors are expected to take before seeking to commence court proceedings for recovery of that debt.

    Debt collection - a quick guide for businesses

    Cash flow issues can cripple a business.  Late payment of invoices is becoming increasingly common and can be a significant burden on staff time and management time while chasing payments.

    FAQ: Tax Planning

    Q. We want to help our 20 year old daughter buy her first flat, but we’re worried about putting such a valuable asset directly in her name. Is there anything we can do to protect the property until she’s a bit older?

    Fraud and theft - what are your options?

    It is always a shock to discover that a director, senior manager or other valued staff member of a business has acted in a way that may prejudice the business for their own or another’s gain.  For example, where a departing employee has stolen valuable intellectual property or a director has misappropriated funds or property belonging to the business.  Often these events can be categorised as criminal behaviour such as theft or fraud. The instinct is to report the conduct to the police.

    Costs and Proportionality

    A recent decision in the Senior Court’s Cost Office has reminded litigants of the importance of proportionality of costs in legal proceedings.  The case was a personal injury claim which settled for just over £3,000.  However, the Claimant’s solicitors’ bill of costs was for in excess of £70,000.  The Costs Judge decided that the bill was disproportionate and reduced it by two thirds.

    Supreme Court judgment of Ilott v The Blue Cross and Others

    Solicitor, James Woods from our Dispute Resolution team comments on the the Supreme Court judgment of Ilott v The Blue Cross and Others.  

    Suing a negligent professional – don’t be put off by the cost

    Have you been let down by a professional? Did your lawyer omit to advise you of planning, right of way or environmental issues affecting your property when you bought it? Did they fail to protect your interests in a property venture adequately? Did they miss a limitation deadline when acting for you on a dispute? Or did they prepare a Will or a Trust which did not have the desired tax consequences?

    How to avoid claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

    The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (‘the Act’) provides a route for certain people who believe they have not been adequately provided for, to claim for something out of a deceased person’s estate. The court has an almost unlimited discretion to decide the ‘right’ outcome.

    Challenging a will

    Solicitor, Amy Wilford from our Dispute Resolution team speaks to Choice Magazine about challenging a loved one’s last wishes.  

    The Online Court

    A review of the structure of current civil court system by Lord Justice Briggs, the Deputy Head of Civil Justice in England & Wales, was published in July 2016 and highlighted the lack of a suitable dispute resolution forum for disputes where the amounts involved do not usually justify involving solicitors.

    Brexit - A perspective on Dispute Resolution

    The decision to exit the European Union will undoubtedly give rise to a period of uncertainty for us all. A great deal has been written already about possible impacts and, in writing this short article, I have sought to highlight a few key areas that may warrant some immediate thought and possible action depending on your business sector, geography and markets.

    The legal week in 60 seconds

    The Solicitors Journal reports on Thomson Snell & Passmore's recent significant promotions within the firm.

    Top 25 UK Law Firm

    We are pleased to receive, for another year, the accolade from eprivateclient of being listed as one of the Top 25 Law Firms in the UK.

    Insurance Law Reform

    Significant changes will shortly be made to insurance law in England and Wales. The cumulative effect of the reforms will be to significantly rebalance insurance law in favour of commercial policyholders ultimately leading to more claims being met. The main changes are summarised below.  

    How to fund litigation

    Do you or your business have a claim which you wish to bring but you are wary about doing so because of the costs and risks? Are you tempted just to ‘put it down to experience’ despite the fact that you would really rather not?

    Lease occupations and third party obligations

    The decision in Nemcova v Fairfield Rents Limited serves as a timely reminder to owners of leasehold property to consider carefully all obligations in their lease and the intention of those obligations before allowing a third party into occupation.

    Ex-F1 and Aston Martin boss gains upper hand in his village helicopter battle

    Partner, Mark Steggles from our Dispute Resolution team speaks to multi-award-winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand Spear's Magazine, about the legal dispute between David Richards CBE and the residents of St Mawes over the use of his helicopter landing pad.

    Advice in response to a Consumer Rights question

    Mark Steggles speaks to the Guardian and gives his advice in response to a Consumer Rights question.    

    Funding a claim against your professional adviser

    Have you been let down by a professional? Did your solicitors omit to advise you of planning, right of way or environmental issues affecting your property when you bought it?

    Funding a claim against your professional adviser

    Nick Horton speaks to business magazine South East Business about funding a claim against your professional adviser.

    Court fee rises: a question of justice

    Nick Horton from our Dispute Resolution team speaks to The Times and comments on the rise in court fees.

    What's in a name? Enough to see the Rothschilds in court against each other

    Keith McAlister and Julie Gabay speak to wealth management magazine Spears about the recent dispute over the use of the Rothschild name.

    Douglas Skilton discusses Q&A on legal action

    Douglas Skilton from our Dispute Resolution team addresses a question from a business owner regarding concerns of the cost and risk of taking legal action to try to recover loses after professional advice was given wrongly, causing their business a significant loss of money.

    Case Update: Abuse of position by an Attorney

    Powers of Attorney are commonly used where a person (the ‘donor’) wants to appoint one or more others to assist in their decision making or to make decisions on their behalf. They are often utilised where the donor lacks the mental capacity to make decisions themselves, although this is not always the case. The attorney must act in the best interests of the donor and ensure that they are acting for the donor’s benefit, rather than their own, at all times.

    Compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice.

    The Groceries Code Adjudicator (the GCA) has released the results of its latest survey into retailer compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (the Code).

    Banks pass the buck while customer lose thousands

    Douglas Skilton from our Dispute Resolution team speaks to The Times and gives advice on what to do if a payment error is made due to the recycling of bank accounts.

    FAQ: Dispute Resolution

    Q.  I have been cut out of my parents Will, what can I do?

    Dartford residents' react positively to London Paramount Park plans

    There has been a positive reaction to the latest plans for London Paramount Park from locals hoping it will provide a much-needed boost to the economy.

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My case file was handled efficiently and with a positive result. I received feedback at sensible times throughout the case. I was able to give input at all times  


Thank you for providing an excellent service, which due to you was stress free for me!  I am more than happy with the amount and am now, more importantly, able to move on putting this behind me.


Kamal Aggarwal clients say 'He is an excellent representative of the business and it's values: client care and professionalism. He sets the benchmark for the firm brilliantly'.

Chambers UK 2015

I was impressed by your quick in understanding the issue (in a very limited time scale) and coming up with option and strategy.


Efficient, knowledgeable service, timely delivery and clear billing


I want to thank you and your Team for the excellent work – another positive outcome. I can’t thank George and George enough for their professionalism, attention to detail and just the best advice. I was thinking about the past seven years and the work TSP has undertaken on my behalf and that of other family members and friends which have all resulted in positives outcomes, from my own personal experience six successful outcomes. Doug, it’s not just about the professionalism, it is the bigger picture, it’s the kindness, support and calm afforded along the way in sometimes extraordinary situations. So in conclusion, my sincere thanks to you and the Team again.    


The response to any queries was always quick and honest, giving me security in my decisions taking the matter forward. The correspondence written by George Boddy was excellent, and made me feel confident in winning my case. Prompt attention, excellent correspondence, and understanding my concerns in an emotive case.


We had a long standing problem and Alison explained clearly our current options, which enabled us to progress. We felt confident with the advice she gave us.


Timely advice in accordance with our request, which required only minor adjustment for publication to shareholders, bearing in mind some sensitivities.


The communication, attitude and professionalism was exceptional from James. He was very helpful and understood exactly why we needed legal assistance. He spent a lot of time getting to know us and advising us. We got the best outcome possible and he was very helpful.  


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