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  • Overview

    This page gives an overview of our employment settlement agreement services for employees. If you're an employer looking for professional advice on employment law, please visit our for your businesses page.

    What is an employment settlement agreement?

    A settlement agreement is a document that records the terms on which an employer and employee have agreed to terminate the employee's employment or settle a dispute. It will need to deal with all aspects of your employment.

    It is a legal requirement that employees obtain independent legal advice before entering into a settlement agreement. Otherwise it is not legally binding.

    Benefits of using our employment lawyers for settlement agreements

    Employers do not have to agree to a settlement agreement from employers. They do have the right to negotiate the terms of any agreement. Once you sign a settlement agreement, it is legally binding, and you cannot pursue any claims through the courts or an Employment Tribunal. We can advise you on your settlement agreement and negotiate more favourable terms for you, if you have not been properly compensated.

    How our settlement agreement solicitors can help:

    As well as advising you on the appropriateness of the financial terms offered to you, we can advise you on:

    • Your prospective claims against your employer and the value of those claims
    • Whether signing the agreement is in your interests and the best coure of action for you
    • The consequences of your signing the agreement
    • Your entitlement to salary and benefits (for example, pension, company car or private medical insurance)
    • Any tax due on the payments to be made
    • Negotiating a quick resolution
    • Facilitating an amicable exit.

    For ruther information please contact one of the team.

    Find out more about:

    Unfair dismissal

    Client stories

    Our client was, without warning, told his employment was being terminated and handed a settlement agreement. We advised him on the process, the arguments to advance and the level of compensation to argue for. He negotiated a 50% increase and for his employer to pay his legal fees. The matter was resolved within a couple of days

  • Related Client Stories

    Acting for an individual sued by his previous employer

    Our client was sued by his previous employer for £277,240 for breach of express and implied terms of his employment contract. In particular, it was alleged that he had breached his duties of faith and fidelity, had taken confidential information and had approached and solicited clients in competition with his previous employer as well as enticing five employees to leave with him.

  • Latest Updates

    Huge hike in compensation payments for hurt and upset employees

    With effect from the 11 September 2017 there will be a very significant rise in compensation awards for injury to feelings or psychiatric injury in discrimination cases.

    Significant court case continues

    On 26 July 2017, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the employment tribunal fees regime, introduced in 2013, was unlawful. The government had already undertaken that if it lost the case it would refund the fees paid over the last four years.

    When a gift is a gift and not a bribe

    When a gift is a gift and not a bribe.  Elizabeth Maxwell considers the law on giving and receiving gifts in the workplace.

    Law firm network draws on family law to create collaborative approach to employment disputes

    Four law firms have joined forces to launch Collaborative Employment Law (CEL), a group aiming to bring a novel mediated approach to employment disputes as an alternative to litigation, modelled on a technique developed by family lawyers.

    Collaborative Mediation

    Susanna Gilmartin advised a large FE College on a difficult matter that arose involving a fraud and safeguarding investigation against a senior member of staff.

    Workplace Law - May 2016

    Welcome to our May edition as ever legislation is on the move and case law continues to move the goal posts challenging HR and employment practitioners.

    Changes affecting staff and employers

    Ben Stepney speaks to Caring UK and outlines changes in employment law and states how this will affect employers and their employees.

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Susanna was clear and efficient in explaining my options when dealing with my employer. At no point was I left confused or unsure of my options. Exactly what I want in a lawyer!


Susanna was the first employment lawyer I've ever had to use. She was great and exceeded my expectations at every stage


I have worked with Susanna on two separate matters, and I find her to be thorough, considered, practical and extremely professional. She takes time to thoroughly understand the issues and gives carefully considered advice. During what was often a very stressful time, Susanna gave me great confidence and appropriate support, helping to ensure we achieved the best solution


At every stage in instructing TS&P (and I have used them for Residential Conveyancing, Family Law and Employment Law) I have always been very impressed with the quality of the people I have dealt with. Keep doing what they are doing and they will keep my business as well as be warmly recommended by me.


Thomson Snell & Passmore's particular strengths are customer care and the speed at which they respond. Often when you are dealing with complicated issues speed is of the essence. I have not seen any weaknesses.


Clear, high quality communication and guidance.


Quick response to questions and successful outcomes due to good advice.


A huge thank you for helping to resolve such a difficult situation.


Realistic, pragmatic, good speed of response. They have built a relationship with us.

Chambers UK 2015

I feel confident in the way forward after speaking or meeting with the firm. They're very open and easy to talk to, with great expertise.

Chambers UK 2015

Thomson Snell & Passmore is 'very professional, and values its clients'. Department head Nick Hobden is praised for his 'professionalism and attention to detail'.


Pragmatic, commercially focused and responsive


Susanna was extremely competent in her approach and guided me through the process with clarity and professionalism at all times, she was a pleasure to have as my adviser


Susanna was very professional, full of knowledge but mostly assuring and listened to her client and made sure I understood all the aspects of the process.    


Clearly understood the issues, explained to me what I was not really familiar with and confirmed that my understanding of certain aspects was indeed correct.


Clear concise advice and the negotiated removal of a number of unpleasant clauses to my benefit.


Provided high quality advice!


I was able to meet and discuss my situation very soon after contacting TSP, Susanna was easy to contact and turned round review and responses to my employer swiftly, and the matter was dealt with within a relatively short timescale, minimising stress to me.


All the advice given was structured toward the type of business that we are.


Very prompt and responsive both during and after business hours, to successfully progress the case to agreement within a short time period and to schedule


I appreciate the responsiveness of Susanna with regards to my last minute request for help, and believe the advice given was very sound. I also recognise and appreciate the professionalism I have seen at all stages of our engagement.


I came away understanding the background to the advice given, and I am happy that this takes into account my best interests


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