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  • Overview

    Governance advice for charities

    Those running charities (charity trustees) have considerable responsibilities and potential liabilities. Good governance is vital for the effective operation of the charity, for the maintenance of its reputation and to comply in the eyes of the Charity Commission with the law and good practice.

    We can advise you on:

    • Charity constitutions – charity trustees need to be aware of and follow carefully the legal requirements and procedures set out in their constitution. The wish to further the intentions of the organisation can lead to non-compliance with the detail of the constitution and the framework of the general law
    • Mergers – we can provide advice on the legal and practical aspects of takeovers, mergers and forms of joint working arrangements
    • Trustees' liabilities – trustees are rightly concerned to be aware of the extent of the liabilities of the organisation and of themselves as individual trustees and the degree of protection available to them
    • Trading – advice on issues arising out of trading and subsidiary trading structures and the exploitation of rights and assets
    • Employment law – charity trustees and their organisations need proper advice and training on employment law, to avoid problems arising and to handle them when they do, with the minimum damage to the organisation and its reputation.

    For further information please contact one of the team:

  • Latest Updates

    Serious financial difficulties and the liability of trustees

    By its winding up order, made on 20 August 2015, the High Court laid upon the mortuary table the corpse of Keeping Kids Company.  

    A focussed media attention on the fundraising practices of charities

    A focussed media attention on the fundraising practices of charities has encouraged the Government to look into inserting amendments to the Charities Bill to protect vulnerable people from aggressive fundraising tactics.

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