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    All professional deputies and attorneys are undoubtedly aware of the increasing complications that can arise when administering a client’s property and financial affairs. It is rarely a simple matter of managing a bank account, paying bills and ensuring the client has sufficient funds. It has ever been thus, but many of our clients’ affairs are certainly becoming increasingly sophisticated, in relation to both finances and circumstances.

    This, in turn, is placing an increasing burden on those who become legally responsible for administering the property and financial affairs of those who lack capacity to do so themselves; deputies appointed by the Court of Protection and attorneys acting under enduring and lasting powers of attorney, have an ever increasing range of issues that they need to contend with.

    With this increasingly complex world in mind, this article seeks to highlight one particular area, which many deputies and attorneys may find themselves unwittingly responsible for, that of pension provision for employees. As professionals, we can no longer assume that this has nothing to do with us.  Whilst we may not need to know the fine detail of the statutory obligations for pension provision, we do need to be aware of our responsibilities.  We need to know when these duties arise and when further advice and assistance need to be obtained.  

    To read the full article, please click the following link: Auto-enrolment for deputies - No opting out

    (c) Jordan Publishing 2015. This article was first published in the Elder Law Journal [2015] 2 Eld LJ 115 and is reproduced with permission of Jordan Publishing.

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