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  • Overview

    Press reports that Michael Gove went to bed on 23 June and had to be woken to be told that “Leave” had won, suggest they themselves did not expect to win. Being less relaxed, we have been thinking about what a Leave vote could mean and, set out below, are articles with our first thoughts.
    As business leaders, we have been presented with another challenge. The immediate questions – will there be a slowdown or a recession are not legal questions. However, some of the second order questions are legal, such as: will there be a bonfire of red tape so that it becomes easier to run a business? Are some contracts going to be unworkable or unprofitable? Will it be easier to do business in Europe and elsewhere? What opportunities are there to save cost or be more flexible?
    You will not be surprised that the answer is, mostly, “it depends". We will now be watching closely and doing our best to provide you with early answers to keep you ahead of developments

    Commercial contracts

    Following the much awaited UK referendum outcome, what will the implications be for new and existing commercial contracts? Partner, Joanne Gallagher discusses four main consequences of the UK leaving the EU and gives advice to what the next steps for businesses should be. Read more

    Competition law 

    The content of UK competition law is not imposed or directed by EU legislation, but nonetheless closely mirrors the framework of the equivalent rules in the EU Treaty. Consultant, Nick Bromfield discusses potential changes to competition laws following Brexit, including the substantive provisions of the Competition Act, merger control and state aid. Read more

    Dispute Resolution

    The decision to exit the EU will undoubtedly give rise to a period of uncertainty for us all. Partner and Head of our Thames Gateway office, Kamal Aggarwal highlights a few key areas that may warrant some immediate thought and possible action depending on your business sector, geography and markets. Read more

    Data protection

    Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, what is the future for the UK’s data protection regime? Senior associate, Ben Stepney and Trainee Solicitor Naadim-Khan Shamji explain how data protection framework could potentially be impacted by Brexit, depending on the timing of the UK's divorce from the EU and the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation. They also discuss the implications for data sharing if the UK leaves EEA. Read more

    Employment law

    A large amount of the UK’s employment law comes from the EU, for example the Working Time Regulations, Agency Worker Regulations and rules on transfers of undertakings. Senior Associate, Ben Stepney speaks about which approach he believes the UK Government is likely to take with regards to changes to employment law upon the UK's exit from the EU. Read more

    Environmental law

    The UK’s current environmental laws are heavily influenced EU laws. Essentially they fall into two categories – those that have come into place as a result of directives and those which are contained in EU regulations. Partner, Nicholas Horton discusses potential new trading arrangements with the EU and how Brexit will effect the trading of businesses and individuals. Read more

    Commercial property

    Inevitably there is going to be a period of uncertainty whilst markets and people adjust to the new reality. Partner, Richard Ellard highlights and predicts some initial thoughts on how the real estate sector may be affected. Read more

    If you have any questions regarding the impact of Brexit please do not hesitate to contact the author of the appropriate article. Contact details for each author can be found at the bottom of each article.


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    We draw on our extensive legal, commercial and industry expertise when working with you to achieve your strategic objectives.

    Commercial Property & Development


    Our award winning team of corporate lawyers provide highly practical advice to help businesses of all sizes develop and grow.    

    Dispute Resolution

    Our team of experienced and highly specialist lawyers includes experts in contractual, commercial and international disputes, insolvency, shareholders’, directors and partnership disputes, in disputes arising from construction/engineering projects and we also act for clients seeking to protect or defend intellectual property/IT rights.


    We act for businesses of all shapes and sizes and in many different sectors. Our advice covers all aspects of the employment relationship, helping to settle disputes, defending employment tribunal claims and providing immigration compliance audits.

    Commercial contracts

    We can deal with all the stages of a commercial contract – from initial structuring and head of terms to preparing, negotiating and completing the contract documentation. We can also advise you on contractual disputes that may arise during a project and provide assistance with terminating a business relationship.

    Data protection

    Data protection and privacy law is a complex and fast-changing area with international differences adding an extra layer of complexity. We help businesses of all sizes and across many sectors use and exploit data while remaining compliant with data protection legislation.

    Planning, environmental & compulsory purchase

    Our team regularly assists clients on tricky Town and Country planning aspects of development projects and residential / commercial property purchases and sales. We also represent clients on planning / enforcement notice appeal work, both before the Planning Inspectorate and on High Court judicial reviews and statutory reviews. 

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