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    By Josephine Willoughby, Partner. Contact Thomson Snell and Passmore 01892 510000.

    The use of recycled R22, used in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, will become illegal from 1 January 2015.

    R22 was common in systems installed prior to 2004. Virgin R22 has been illegal since 2010 but the veto on use of recycled R22 may have a greater impact for many properties. Alternative refrigerants may be compatible with existing systems but, if not, complete replacement will be required.

    Potential purchasers and tenants should be vigilant and use their knowledge of impending changes in the law relating to R22 as part of their negotiations on purchase or leasing. Landlords and tenants will need to be aware of lease provisions for recovery of the costs of any such works.

    In addition to the cost, the potential disruption whilst the necessary works are undertaken and the availability of warranties for any works that have already been undertaken should be fully investigated.

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