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    Desmond O'Donnell from our Family team speaks to the Guardian in relation to the Laura Ashley boss divorce case and comments about the judge’s order and his frustration.

    Dr Khoo Kay Peng, chairman of Laura Ashley fashion business, has been ordered by the high court to offer his estranged wife settlement of their divorce after running up legal bills of £6.1m. This separation is believed to be one of the most expensive divorce cases ever to come to the UK courts.

    Desmond says, “The judge’s order is unprecedented and no doubt reflects his frustration with the parties’ apparent inability to reach a settlement, after years of litigation.

    “The emotional cost, and more particularly in this case the financial cost, must have been a significant part of the judge’s thinking and the order which he made.”

    The full article is available to read online, published by the Guardian on 15 February 2016: Court orders Laura Ashley boss to settle 'titanic' divorce case



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    Dealing with the legal aspects of a relationship or family breakdown requires a thorough knowledge of the law and a tactful, understanding approach.

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