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  • Overview

    In these days of instant communication it is not necessary for the client and Deputy to be geographically close to each other.

    We have clients all over the UK and on 4 continents. Our closest client lives within a mile of our office, while the furthest is some ten and a half thousand miles away.

    There are various reasons why the client may not be local to us which may include the following:

    • Our expertise and understanding of Court of Protection is of greater importance to our clients and their families, than our being located close to them.
    • A client may live overseas but have assets in the UK for which a Deputy is required.
    • The client may need a new Deputy, but there is no one experienced, or with our expertise in their local area.
    • The client may already have close connections to Thomson Snell & Passmore and wish us to take on the Deputyship.
    • The client may have lived close by, but then moved away.

    How technology can help

    We find that technology allows us to communicate effectively with our clients, their families, carers and the other professionals involved regardless of their whereabouts. Email, skype and video calls are all used where necessary. This means that the costs of us travelling to see our clients can be kept to a minimum and clients are saved the stress and discomfort of travelling to see us.

    Personal visits are, very important to us and the client and will indeed be required from time to time. Some clients prefer these. Due to the fact that we have such a spread of clients will we try to arrange where possible to see two or more clients in any given area, thus mitigating costs. It is also worth remembering that if the Deputy is involved prior to the settlement of a damages claim, then the cost of such visits can be built into the claim.

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