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  • Overview

    By Dominique Parker, Personal Injury.

    When you suffer an injury you have to juggle getting the right treatment to aid your recovery with concerns about work, paying your bills and caring for your family.

    We hope that you will find the information on this page useful to ensure that you can speak to the right organisations, whether charitable organisations or government funded, to get the support and help you need to make the best of your recovery.

    Help after a brain injury

    As well as potentially being able to pursue a claim for compensation there are a number of organisations out there who can help those who have been affected by a brain injury. Many of these will offer support and advice free of charge. 
    These organisations can help you to prepare for what is to come in respect of treatment on the NHS and what things you are entitled too. You will also be able to meet other injured people and their families to learn about their experiences.

    We are recognised as specialist lawyers by these organisations. Click on the links below to see their websites.

    Child Brain Injury Trust
    BIBIC (British Institute for Brain Injured Children)
    UKABIF (United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum)
    KABIF (Kent Acquired Brain Injury Forum)

    Money worries

    Suffering an injury inevitably leads to money worries. If you cannot work for a period of time, finding the money to pay your bills can take over from focusing on your rehabilitation.
    Whether you have concerns about debt, require information about benefits, or want to understand what your options are for returning to work, then these organisations will be able to assist.

    Citizens Advice Bureau
    Department for Work and Pensions

    Living with a disability

    Whatever disability you are living with, accessing the shops, education, health services or finding work, can be a struggle. These organisations offer advice about being able to get out and live life to the full.


    Criminal injuries

    The criminal injuries compensation authority deal with claims for injuries caused by criminal acts. There is a specific application process for these claims. See our page Criminal Injuries for further information or use the link below to view the CICA website.

    CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority)

    Road traffic accident involving uninsured or untraced drivers

    The Motor Insurer’s Bureau is there to step in if an uninsured or untraced driver caused an accident that results in damage to property or injury.. See our page for more advice regarding a claim for compensation following a road traffic accident, or use the link below to see the MIB website.

    MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau)

    Armed forces

    If you serve in the armed forces there are some specialist organisations that can step in to help you, in addition to those available to the civilian population.

    The Royal British Legion
    Veterans UK
    Combat Stress and Demob Job (ex military recruitment organisations)
    Veterans Aid (charity for homeless veterans)
    National Ex-Services Association

    Private rehabilitation

    If you have a claim for compensation for personal injury then you may be able to access private medical treatment through your claim wchi would be funded by the other sides insurers.

    Contact Thomson Snell and Passmore for more information about bringing a claim for personal injury on 01892 510000.

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