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    In a ground-breaking decision handed down this morning the Supreme Court ruled that employment tribunal fees are unlawful, prevent people having access to justice and the fee regime will be abolished with immediate effect from today.

    This is a major blow for the government who will be forced to repay an estimated £32m to employees who have bought claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination and other workplaces claims since the fees of up to £1,200 were introduced in July 2013.

    The impact of this ruling is very significant for employers who have been the beneficiaries of the 79% reduction in employment tribunal claims following the introduction of the issue and hearing fees. We anticipate that with the removal of these fees it is highly likely that there will be an increase in claims being issued if pre-claim Acas conciliation does not result in a claim being settled.

    The ruling means that from today any new claims brought by claimants can be brought at no cost and any one appealing to the employment appeal tribunal will no longer need to pay the court fee to issue an appeal.

    Ben Stepney from our employment team spoke to KMTV on this topic. Please click on the following link to watch (please note, Ben's interview will start from 12:30 minutes): KMTV Wednesday 2nd August 2017

    If you wish to discuss this ruling please contact a member of the employment team.

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