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    Family lawyers are not unused to significant changes in the way in which the family law system works. The Children Act 1989 introduced a wholly different approach to how the courts dealt with cases relating to the arrangements for children. The Family Law Act 1996 updated the law in respect of domestic violence.

    Family lawyers will remember the significant statutory changes, which Part II of the Family Law Act 1996 was intended to introduce in overhauling the divorce process. Many family lawyers would say that it is unfortunate that Part II was never brought into force.  More recently, the Family Procedure Rules 2010, which replaced the Family Proceedings Rules, introduced into family law concepts which civil practitioners had been dealing with for a number of years.

    Joanna Pratt, Partner and Head of Department for Family talks to Solicitors Journal about how 22 April 2014 marks huge changes to the way in which family law is administered by the courts, and how practitioners work.

    Socilitors Journal: Turning over a new leaf for families and the justice system Please note you will need to be a registered member to view the article in full.

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    Dealing with the legal aspects of a relationship or family breakdown requires a thorough knowledge of the law and a tactful, understanding approach.

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