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  • Overview

    The BVCA is the industry body for the UK private equity and venture capital industry. It has over 370 members representing the majority of UK-based private equity and venture capital firms and their advisers.

    Revised model investment documents

    The BVCA has published in October 2014 the final versions of its revised standard form documents for use in early stage venture capital investments. The documents consist of standard form articles of association, a model subscription and shareholders' agreement and a model term sheet. A number of changes have been made to the revised subscription and shareholders agreement and articles since draft versions of these documents were originally published for consultation in February 2014.

    The BVCA has also published a technical briefing note which considers the implications of current accounting standards in connection with the classification of preferred shares as either liabilities or equity and includes illustrative examples of how the relevant accounting standards are applied.

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    We have extensive experience in advising management teams, funders and sellers in connection with management buy-outs, buy-ins and all other forms of private equity transactions.

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