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  • Overview

    Thursday 20 March saw the launch of the SEE Art fair, a first of its kind art event bringing top quality artists to Tunbridge Wells to benefit both the community as well as business.

    Organised by local award winning artist Mark Paul Perry and the internationally known sculptor Guy Portelli this inaugural event showcasing over 30 galleries will attract the elite of Kent and Sussex.

    As the main sponsor we opened the launch event with a presentation from one of our partners, Gilbert Green, a keen collector of art. Gilbert wanted to preface his brief remarks with a quote which seemed to encapsulate many of the reasons Guy and Mark are promoting this fair and why art is so important in society.

    Gilbert commented that in a lecture, Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate Gallery said

    art is a fundamental part of the public realm. In their work, artists express ideas, attitudes and beliefs. Often, these are central to politics, society and economics and, through artistic expression, they gain different resonance and reach.


    At Thomson Snell & Passmore we believe that art plays an important role in society.  It educates, it challenges, it soothes and it invigorates.


    Gilbert went on to mention some interesting, yet disturbing statistics revealed by The Sunday Times that in London, the average annual spend per person on arts & culture is £69 compared to £4.80 in the provinces.

    All local Government services are being cut.  Cultural spend comes low on the list.  Therefore, the only way to effectively bring art to the provinces so that everyone can enjoy the experience is through innovative collaboration between artists and businesses.  By acting as the main sponsor for SEE Art fair Thomson Snell & Passmore is doing exactly that.  Thomson Snell & Passmore are investing in a cultural initiative which we hope will benefit the residents of Tunbridge Wells and the South East in more ways than one.


    Together with SEE Art fair we are bringing to Tunbridge Wells a high profile arts event, at a level never before experienced in the town.  The benefits are numerous:

    • it enriches the quality of life for all, by making a wide range of art and artists available to the public;
    • it benefits the traders and businesses in the town, by increasing the number of visitors;
    • it reinforces the image of the town as a cultural centre for the South-East;
    • it supports a worthy charity;
    • it provides a valuable platform for artists and galleries to exhibit.

    Gilbert closed by saying "we hope this is not just a one-off.  We also hope that a project of the magnitude of SEE Art Fair will be a great platform to support and promote the work of the local arts academies.  We hope that the Thomson Snell & Passmore Award for a new artist will aid this and prove a steppingstone to a successful career in the arts for the lucky recipient."

    To find out more about how you can be involved please visit the SEE Art fair website or contact Mark Paul Perry on 07957136396 or

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