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    Senior Associate, Ben Stepney from our Employment team speaks to The Independent about the inevitable clash between entrepreneurial free-spirit flexibility and the long-recognised need for protection of workers rights.

    Ben says, "People genuinely self-employed, working job to job, client to client, do not qualify for employment law rights; people relying on a business for their livelihood, though, tend to. Where the line is drawn between these two scenarios has never been clear. Cases are fact specific. A recent win for Uber drivers does not necessarily mean that other gig economy workers will be successful to. At best, these cases will lead to additional protections for (often low-paid) workers, at worst they will lead to gig economy organisations withdrawing if their business model does not work within the law, at a loss to consumers and workers alike."

    The full article is available to read online, first published by The Independent on 21 November 2016: The gig economy

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    We act for businesses of all shapes and sizes and in many different sectors. Our advice covers all aspects of the employment relationship, helping to settle disputes, defending employment tribunal claims and providing immigration compliance audits.

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