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    Thomson Snell & Passmore represented the family of a former BBC sound recordist at the recent inquest held at Wycombe Law Courts. Cyril Benford died of respiratory failure on 16 January 2011 from inhaling mustard gas in 1984 while working for the BBC. A verdict of 'industrial disease' was returned.

    Cyril Benford was investigating the use of chemical weapons in the Iran Iraq war. In 1984, he had travelled to the border between Iran and Iraq for the BBC’s Newsnight programme with three other BBC colleagues reporting on an investigation for the UN into the use of chemical weapons. He was present when an Iranian guard opened a discarded shell which released mustard gas. The Home Office pathologist, William Feganearl said that "the inhalation of the mustard gas has set up a reaction in the lungs and has resulted in breathing problems and the scarring in the lungs."

    Alan Care, our specialist in chemical poisoning claims who led the Porton Down litigation and who is now involved in the atomic bomb veterans’ litigation will be representing Mr Benford’s widow further in her claim for compensation.

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