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    Our client, Louise Downing, 38 from Hailsham, has been injured after purchasing a pair of socks from Primark.

    After wearing the socks for half an hour, Louise started to experience pain in her legs. She took off her socks and was shocked to find that the skin on her legs had peeled off with the socks. She attended her local A&E who diagnosed her with chemical burns to the backs of her legs.

    Louise has now been left with scarring and excoriation to her legs as a result. We are currently in the process of claiming damages for her against Primark.

    Alan Care, our specialist in toxic tort (hazardous substances) litigation over the last 25 years, believes that the socks that Louise purchased may have been laced with hazardous chemicals which burnt Louise’s skin.

    The defendants insurers commented:

    ..we are denying liability. This is on the basis that there have been no other similar incidents despite sales figures being 182,583 for this specific colour, 1,058,099 in total across different lace/colours etc.

    The product has a label stating the materials used, we fail to see what other measures they could have taken to prevent the incident from occurring. They are not able to cater for all skin conditions and it is the claimants/customers responsibility ensure the materials used are suitable for their skin..

    Greenpeace’s report, ‘A little story about monsters in your closet’, found “hazardous chemicals in children’s clothing from a wide range of well known brands”, including Primark.

    Among many other toxic tort claims, Alan Care settled the very first ‘toxic sofa’ claim, which was a multiple claimant action against various suppliers and manufacturers.

    If you believe your health has been damaged due to either wearing clothing affected by hazardous substances or by any other toxic substance please feel free to contact Alan in confidence.

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