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  • Overview

    Intellectual Property (IP) is often referred to as “creations of the mind” and intellectual property rights help you to stop people from taking those creations without your permission.

    What are the most common forms of IP rights?

    Patents protect inventions, trade marks protect branding, design rights protect the appearance of your products, and copyrights protect your written, musical, dramatic, photographic and other creative works. You can also protect your trade secrets and other information by keeping that information secret.

    What is the most common problem clients face with IP?

    Often clients think about IP too late in the day, and that could result in them losing valuable IP rights, or incurring heavy costs in trying to gain protection or enforce/defend their rights. In an ideal world, IP would be one of the first issues to be discussed when starting or acquiring a new business, launching a new product or developing a branding campaign.

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    We draw on our extensive legal, commercial and industry expertise when working with you to achieve your strategic objectives.


    Our award winning team of corporate lawyers provide highly practical advice to help businesses of all sizes develop and grow.    

    Intellectual Property work across a wide range of sectors and for all sizes of business, in particular, owner managed businesses. Our experience means we can help you to identify all the Intellectual Property that might exist in your business. We regularly advise on the protection, exploitation and enforcement many types of Intellectual Property.

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