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Agreeing a settlement for an injury resulting from slipping on a hospital floor

This case demonstrates the expertise of our Personal Injury team and their ability to succeed, where others have failed. The team listen closely to clients, enabling them to advise clients properly about the steps that need to be taken to conclude their claim for the right amount of compensation.

Mrs T slipped on soup that had been spilled on the floor of an NHS hospital, injuring her coccyx. She had initially instructed another firm of solicitors who were advising her to accept the defendant’s offer of £3,500 but Mrs T was not happy with the medical report that had been obtained by her previous solicitors.

She approached Thomson Snell & Passmore for a second opinion. Having reviewed her papers we were able to advise Mrs T that the offer was too low and took over conduct of the case for her.

New medical evidence was obtained which showed that Mrs T had gone on to develop coccydinia as a result of her accident and she would be left with permanent ongoing symptoms. Following negotiation with the defendant, we were able to agree a settlement of her claim in the sum of £20,000.

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