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What is a Notary?

A Notary is a qualified lawyer who is primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures and documents for use abroad.

What we offer and how we can help?

We offer Notarial services both for individual needs and for companies. Our Notary can assist with your personal or business interests overseas. You may well need a Notary in England to authenticate facts and documents under the Notary’s signature and official seal for use by public and legal authorities abroad.

Our Notarial services include expertise in producing certificates, authenticating documents and dealing with the necessary formalities of foreign jurisdictions, and can arrange for your documents to be legalised at the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office and Consulates, if necessary.

Please note, if documents require legalisation this will take several days.

Transactions requiring our Notarial services are:

  • Buying and selling foreign property
  • Powers of attorney for use overseas
  • Verifying transactions
  • Certifying copies of passports, academic qualifications and other personal and corporate papers
  • Authenticating Companies House and other business documents
  • Taking statements, affidavits, oaths and declarations for use in foreign jurisdictions
  • Marrying abroad
  • Adopting children from overseas
  • Immigration, emigration and entry requirements to overseas jurisdictions
  • Attesting and authenticating the signing and execution of documents and deeds.


Basic fee – £290 per document.

For more complex matters or where the Notary is required to amend or draft foreign documents from scratch, the Notary will charge on a time/cost basis – hourly rate £555.

Sending documents for legalisation – £70.

FCDO legalisation fee – £30 per document (plus £5 courier fee).

The Notary’s fees are not subject to VAT.

The Notary’s fees are reviewed each year in June and may be increased.

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