Construction injury

Lack of safety on building site leads to shoulder injury

Mr P was working as a self-employed sub-contractor. He was involved in a project on the Defendant’s building site.

The site contained a number of porta cabins, which acted as the site’s office and toilets. There was boarding placed along the ground in order for the workmen to walk to and from the cabins.

As Mr P was walking along the boarding, he did not notice that part of one of the boards was sticking up several inches. He tripped over the board, and tried to break his fall by putting his arm out to grab onto a wire fence next to him. Mr P was in severe pain and was taken to St Hellier’s Hospital by ambulance. He was diagnosed with a dislocated and fractured shoulder.

When Mr P was discharged, he required regular assistance with tasks from his family and friends, and was unable to drive for 2 months. A review by an orthopaedic surgeon confirmed that the injuries Mr P suffered could cause osteoarthritis in the future and caused him to be at a disadvantage on the open labour market. The effects of his injuries also caused Mr P to suffer depression.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers were able to successfully argue that the Defendant was negligent and had breached the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Mainly, that they had failed to keep traffic routes and access and exits from the site safe. She was able to obtain an out-of-court settlement for Mr P of £60,000.

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