Clinical Negligence

Delay in diagnosis of retinal detachment

This clinical negligence case arose from a delay in diagnosis of retinal detachment. The substandard care provided by an optician caused permanent reduced central vision.

In March 2017, PM attended his GP due to visual disturbances in his left eye. He had a shadow, flicking of light and loss of peripheral vision in his left eye. He was referred to an optician, whom undertook tests. Following an examination and dilation tests, PM was advised that no abnormalities were detected.

A few weeks later, PM woke with complete vision loss in his left eye. He attended his GP who made an urgent referral to ophthalmology. He attended A&E and was diagnosed with a complete macular off retinal detachment and required reparatory surgery.

Following reparatory surgery, PM suffered reduced central vision in his left eye. He had blurred vision and struggled with fine detail. He also experienced difficulties with spatial awareness, light sensitivity and depth perception. His right eye was unaffected.

We were contacted by PM to investigate a clinical negligence claim.
Medical records were requested, and a report was obtained from an optometrist who reported that care had fallen below an acceptable standard. Thereafter, a report was obtained from a consultant opthalmologist, who reported on causation and condition and prognosis.

Investigations were undertaken as to the likely value of the claim. A letter of claim setting out the allegations of negligence was sent to the defendant. The defendant denied liability and court proceedings were issued. Nonetheless, the defendant agreed to a financial settlement.

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