Clinical Negligence

Failure to offer a caesarean section

This clinical negligence claim arose out of the care provided to Mrs H during the birth of her son. In 2014 Mrs H was expecting her fourth child and she wished to have a caesarean section. Despite her concerns and advice that she should have a caesarean section in her pre-natal care, she was denied this opportunity.

In November 2014, Mrs H was admitted to Barnet Hospital for induction of labour. Later that day, the decision was made for Mrs H to go to theatre for emergency caesarean section. During the emergency c-section, Mrs H suffered damage to her ureter and lost a lot of blood.

Mrs H also suffered from post-operative complications including urinary infection and abdominal pain, removal of stent, pain as her bladder fills, discomfort in her kidneys, urinary frequency and urgency, ureteric reflux as a consequence of the reimplantation of the ureter and an increased susceptibility to urinary tract and kidney infections which will require antibiotic therapy.

Mrs H instructed Christina Mallery, who specialises in clinical negligence matters. Christina obtained Mrs H medical records and obtained expert evidence in regards to liability from a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Following receipt of this evidence, Christina contacted the hospital trust and invited them to make an early admission of liability. The trust admitted liability and further to receipt of a condition and prognosis report from a consultant urologist, the matter was settled shortly thereafter for £50,000 compensation.

Christina Mallery specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology cases. If you would like to ask Christina a question about a potential medical negligence case, or if you have a general query about any clinical negligence claim, for compensation, contact Christina on 01892 701183 in confidence.

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